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Guides of Serra da Capivara, Piauí

The Serra da Capivara national park, since its foundation, has completely changed the life of all local community. But with the rise of this pandemic, the number of visitors has dramatically dropped, thus guides, pottery workers, guards and workers in general had their sources of income interrupted.

Alto do Pantanal
fire brigade, Pantanal

IBAMA and ICMbio have seasonal fire brigades and often do not have enough people to work in some remote areas. For this reason, the Homem Pantaneiro Institute created a professional and permanent fire brigade to patrol Serra do Amolar and Encontro das Águas.

Maramar community
school, Bahia

This school main purpose is to promote social development throughout education, culture and environment preservation, based on four distinguished pillars: learn to know, learn to live, learn to be and learn to do.

Almerinda Malaquias
Foundation, Amazonas

This is educational and professional center is available to the population of Novo Airão in Amazonas state. The school was created with the purpose to generate income using wood handicraft, paper recycling and handmade soap (these two last ones are exclusively for women) and it has helped more than 40 families so far.

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